We are specialists in the sale of genuine military equipment to the UK's regular, reserve and cadet forces. All items are available via the internet.

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Cadet Direct - Specializing in genuine military equipment and clothing to cadet forces
Military Clothing Retailer

Military Clothing Retailer

Military Equipment Retailer & Military Clothing Retailer

As a company we are one of the UK's premier suppliers of army & outdoor clothing and accessories. All available at our online store.

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Cadet Direct is an independent company whose primary aim is to bring exclusive offers on the latest military clothing and equipment to those serving in the UK's regular, reserve and cadet forces. Because Cadet Direct buys in bulk and deals directly with the manufacturers and suppliers, we believe that we provide the best deal around on military clothing and equipment. Our constantly expanding online catalogue includes all the latest Soldier '95 clothing, top quality carrying equipment and a wide range of accessories. Don't forget - all our products have additional discounts when you buy 5 or more of each item! - more...
Military Equipment

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Military Clothing Retailer